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Do your light bulbs burn out frequently? Do you have high ceilings that make it difficult to replace burnt-out light bulbs? Are you interested in energy efficiency? LED light fixtures are your answer. 

LED stands for light-emitting diode. LED lighting products produce light up to 90% more efficiently than other light bulbs. LEDs are the most energy-efficient lighting technology available for homeowners and businesses today. LED light fixtures last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. In comparison, incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat and compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) release up to 80% of their energy as heat. LED lighting emits almost no heat allowing greater savings on air conditioning costs. LEDs, having a longer life and reduce maintenance costs. 

Infographic LED vs other light bulb types, how many lumens do LEDs have

LED light fixtures and bulbs provide the same brightness (lumens) as other types of bulbs but they use less energy (watts). 

LED light fixtures are durable and have convenient features. LEDs can be dimmed, resulting in dynamic control of light, color and distribution. They provide excellent color quality and have color options like warm light, daylight, and cool white.


Although you will initially pay more for an LED light fixture, they will save you money throughout the years.

#1. LEDs can last 15+ years.

#2. LEDs lower costs. 

#3. LEDs are dimmable.

#4. LEDs eliminate the need
to replace bulbs.

#5. LEDs are safer because  they produce little to  no heat.


The number one reason why we recommend LED light fixtures to our customers is simply that they last so long. Can you imagine not needing to replace burnt-out bulbs for the next 15 years? LEDs provide that luxury.

Due to the longevity of LED light fixtures, maintenance costs are reduced significantly; especially when used in a commercial application like LED parking lot lights or LED high-bay fixtures in a warehouse. 

Along with lower maintenance costs, LEDs also create lower electricity bill costs over time. Most LED applications offer a payback period as low as 3-4 years.

LEDs have come a long way since they were first introduced and are now available with dimming capabilities as well as a wide array of color options. Keep in mind most dimmable LED light fixtures will require specific types of dimmers so calling an expert for installation is your best bet. Our favorite installations of color-changing LEDs are in pool light fixtures and home theaters.

If you would like to update the lighting in your home or business with LED lighting, give us a call or request service online. We will evaluate your lighting systems and provide a quote to upgrade your lighting to the most energy-efficient light fixtures available. The best part of choosing Corey Sly Electrical Service for your LED lighting project is that we offer a five-year guarantee on the LED fixture that we provide.  


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