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Whole House Generator Installation

Keep the power on with a whole home generator installation from Corey Sly Electrical Service, Inc. We install generators no matter the brand. 

Benefits of Standby Generator Installation
Generator Electrician

Texas weather can be unpredictable and so can the power supply. From weather related outages to power grid brownouts and accidents, losing power in your home is going to happen. No warning - just lights out, no heat, no refrigerator, no sump pump. Sure a few hours without power isn't ideal but losing power for days is a nuisance and can be dangerous.

The average home in the US consumes nearly 30 kWh of power every day, or 1.25 kWh every hour. Sometimes a portable generator won't do and you may want to consider a standby backup generator to help your family avoid living without air conditioning, lighting and other modern comforts for any period of time. 

When you experience a power loss, a backup generator will automatically detect the outage and deliver backup power to your home almost immediately and keep your power running for hours or weeks! 

In the event of a power outage, a standby whole home generator can:

  • Leave the lights on (no flashlights or candles needed)

  • Keep your food from spoiling in the fridge and freezer

  • Let you continue washing and drying clothes

  • Keep your water hot for showers and laundry

  • Keep your kitchen functional and allow you to cook as normal

  • Charge your devices to stay informed of an emergency

Portable Generator vs Whole House Standby Generator

Generac Generator Installation

When most people think of a generator, they think of the portable type that you take with you when you go camping or use on a jobsite when working. A standby generator is a completely different piece of equipment. Though both types produce power and electricity, there are some key differences between portable and standby generators. 

For starters, the standby generator is hardwired into the home or business's power supply and has the ability to automatically start up during a power outage. With an automatic transfer switch, the standby generator takes over so quickly that most people don't even notice a power outage occurred. And, standby generators can power everything in your home when the power grid goes down.


A portable generator is different in that it isn't hardwired, which can be great when you want to take it on your camping trip but not so great if it's hailing outside and you need to go manually turn it on to power items in your home. Typically, portable generators are equipped with pull-start mechanisms or electric starters that need to be manually activated by the user. When using a portable generator you will only have the capacity to power specific items in your home. 

Another major difference between the two types of generators is size. A standby generator is a large machine and typically takes up a good sized amount of space in your yard where it is permanently installed. Portable generators are more versatile because they don't need to be permanently installed at the home or business but they aren't going to power your entire home. They are also more affordable, but less powerful and reliable than standby generators. Standby generators are more expensive, but have higher power capacity and reliability than portable generators and in our opinion, the benefits outweigh the cost.

As with any significant investment, it's crucial to consider your specific needs, budget, and location before deciding to install a whole-home standby generator. Our electricians can help you make that decision by providing you with consultation and evaluating your current electrical needs. Give us a call and let us help you avoid power losses all together by installing a generator at your home or business. Whether you are looking for an automatic backup generator for your entire home or business or your wanting to power just the major things you can't live without during an outage, we can easily help you select the generator that meets your needs. 

GENERAC© Authorized Dealer & Certified Installers

Generac Authorized Dealer

For 50 years, Generac Power Systems, Inc.©, has been a leading manufacturer of innovative commercial and residential standby generators. Corey Sly Electrical Service is proud to be an authorized dealer of Generac© generators. Our installation of these units is performed only by a licensed electrician that is Generac Power Systems Certified. 

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