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Commercial Electrician Repairing  Control Work, Machine Work, Midland Tx

Control Work

Installation of LED Security Light Fixture on Commercial Building

LED Security Light Fixtures

Commercial Electrician Performing Panel Inspection for Arc Flash Boundary

Commercial Electrical Inspection

Swimming Pool Lighting and Swimming Pool Equipment Wiring

Swimming Pool Lights

Shop Lighting, Warehouse Lighting

LED Lighting

Custom Lighting, Patio Lighting

Custom Festoon Lighting

Electrical to Signs, Sign Wiring

Electrical to Signs

Commercial Electrical, 240V, 480V, Three Phase

We provide commercial electrical repair, maintenance and installation.

Rain-tight Receptacle, Outdoor Outlet, Outdoor plug

All outside receptacles should have rain-tight covers.

Safe Excavating, Safe Digging, Safe Trenching

We own and operate a Hydro-Trencher for safer and more efficient excavating.

LED Light Fixtures, LED Retrofit, Recessed Lights, Down Lights, Can Lights

Create a more energy efficient environment with LED light fixtures.

Pole Lights, Park Lighting, Yard Lights, Stadium Lights

Installation of pole lights at one of the parks in Midland.

USB Receptacle, Child Proof Receptacle, Child Proof Outlet, Tamper Resistant Outlet

This convenient USB receptacle combo is a very popular installation at the moment. Most people want one in every room of their home.

Generator Installation, Generator Hookup

We install generators of all sizes.

Electrical Panels, Three Phase, 3 Phase Electrical, Conduit

Commercial Electrical Panels

Commercial Electrical, Commercial Electrician, Electrical Panel, Conduit

Electrical panel

GFCI Outlet, Ground Fault Interrupter, AFCI, Arc Flash Circuit Interrupter

All the outlets in your Kitchen and Bathroom should be GFCI protected.

Hyrdro Trenching, Hydro Trencher, Safe Digging, Electrical Line Locate, Safe Excavating

We use a hydro trencher when excavation of underground wiring is needed.

Parking Lot Lighting, Yard Light, Pole Light

We provide pole light maintenance and installation.

Electrical for Events, Museum of the Southwest, Electrical, Septemberfest Electrical, Temporary Elec

Setting up electrical for the Septemberfest at the Museum of the Southwest.

High Voltage Electrical, 480V, 240V, Three-Phase, Arc Flash Labels, Panel Labeling

High Voltage Electrical Panel

Ceiling Fan, Ceiling Fan Install, Ceiling Fan Switch, Ceiling Fan Remote

We install ceiling fans.

Chandelier, Chandelier Motor, Chandelier Lowering Device, Change Lightbulb in Chandelier

We install chandeliers.

Electrical Panel Upgrade, Custom Electrical Panel, Panel Rack

Custom Electrical Panels

Parking Lot Lights, Lot Lights, Parking Lights, Pole Lights

We install and maintain parking lot lights.

Landscape Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Accent Lighting, Walkway Lighting, Tree Lights

We install and maintain all types of lighting.

Network Cabling, Cat 5, Category 5, Cat 6 Category 6, Computer Cabling, Fiber

We provide and install network cabling.

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